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inner peace

You want to be FEARLESS without thoughts like "I am not good enough" or the fear of "being seen". What if, with coaching, encouragement & mindfulness, this could be easier? Would you like to feel at peace with the flow of life? I have experienced it myself, that little negative nagging voice in the back of your head distracting you like chronic pain, telling you that you’re not good enough… even though you know it not to be true on an intellectual level!

Understandably, having suffered from this for many years myself, I have found strength in a few modalities that showed me results! Stress reduction is key, not only to physical health, but also mental/emotionally! You hardly ever "efficiently power down" (through worries and lack of sleep).

The Fearless Inukshuk Method

Through my spiritual journey, I now have created the Fealess Inukshuk Method. It's a gentle method for you to find the answers within yourself. It is a combination of Reiki and Meditation. It's relaxing and creates clarity as to what your next steps are in your life.

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Personal Development

Do you know meditation would help you, but you just don't schedule the time to actually do it and get the benefits from regular practice? Be your best self in your business and personal life! We are here to support you! Everything is confidential and I am truly okay if you reach out while in the middle of a big melt-down! We all have those moments.

Usui & Karuna Reiki

Reiki is a Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction technique and a great tool to have for yourself or to help others. Reiki works on a mental/emotional, physical and spiritual level.

It's also a great tool, when you are working in close proximity with others at work. Professionals like Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Care Takers etc will benefit a great deal. If you feel drained at the end of your work day, Reiki can help protect your personal energy.

One session per month is often enough to keep the balance.

What if... you could manifest new things into your life?

We all heard of the Law of Attraction, but after many years of affirmations, you are still where you were before? If this is you, it means you are missing one key ingredient! What if there were a single tool, that you could use while you are pretty much asleep, would you be interested? Give it a try!

Positive side effects

Personally, when I did my first Reiki class, I still remember the day after that I thought "Nothing changed in my life on the outside, why am I feeling so happy?" Then I realized that it was the Reiki that brought peace to my heart, and I ran with it! It's been my life style for over 18 years now.

If you want the same, get regular Reiki sessions or register for classes!

The Fearless Inukshuk Gift Certificate for Brainspotting and/or Reiki

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Our business coaching sessions can be done in person or via Zoom. Through focused mindfulness meditations, you can explore what feels right for you and manifest more of the things you want from your life.

This program is called The Fearess Inukshuk, as often it's fear what holds us back from thriving, and the inukshuk is all about showing direction.

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